Our Sponsors & Supporters

Our Sponsors

Our sponsors are greatly valued by our chorus. Currently we have five on-going sponsors: Paul Duggan, (Chartered Accountants), Allen Gunn (Harcourts Real Estate) & White Fox & Jones. They provide goods, services and chorus promotion. At times, many other companies support us in a variety of ways: thank you gifts, products, free services, labour and support of our feature Press pages.

We welcome new sponsors and supporters.

If you'd like to contribute, or become a sponsor, please contact our Marketing and Promotions Co-ordinator.

Our Charity Sponsorship

The Christchurch City Chorus has a very special relationship with the Christchurch City Mission. The Chorus is involved in singouts at City Mission events such as the City Mission Christmas Carol Service in the ChristChurch Cathedral, volunteers’ function and the Women’s Drop-in Centre. Our members support the Mission as a charity, with collections for the Foodbank and Great Opportunity shops and volunteer work such as teaching singing and providing entertainment at events for Mission clients.

It may seem somewhat unusual to have people who must constantly raise funds for their own Chorus giving help to others. Our members are aware, however, of those less fortunate in their community and want to help, to give as well as to receive. This partnership extends the Chorus community spirit of support, friendship and warmth into the wider Christchurch community.

The City Missioner, Michael Gorman, says that there is a wonderful symmetry between the Mission and the Chorus. The City Mission deals with those who are poor, addicted, lonely or ill. Many people have lost hope and the Mission holds hope for them until they are strong enough to take it up for themselves.  The Chorus through music is able to lift the spirits of the community and to shine a light into the darkness of people’s lives. It is able to create memories that can last despite hardships. Both the Chorus and the Mission in their own ways are able to make a difference in the society in which they live.