Some people have problems logging into the Members only website for the chorus.

There are a couple of common reasons for this. Google uses multiple sign-in for many of their products, including Gmail and Sites (the chorus uses Sites), therefore those using Gmail can't be logged into their email account and using the members website at the same time. When we change our password, those who have selected to have the password remembered will need to relogin.

Normal login 

When you select the Members login link from the public website or from a bookmark for the URL , a login box with a blue background should be displayed on the left of the screen.

It will:
be titled "Sign in to your account at Christchurch City Chorus"
prompt you to enter a Username, and underneath will have ""
prompt you to enter the password

Login to Google Sites or Accounts

You may instead be presented with a login box on the right of the screen. It will:
be titled "Sign in with your Google Account"
prompt you to enter an Email. You should enter
prompt you to enter the password - use the same one as you've been advised
There are now a couple of options you can choose:

click on the arrow to the right of the username in the top banner
click "Sign out"
click on the "Members login" link from public website, or use your book mark to select to login
should receive normal login

or 2.
click Sites in the banner at the top if it's not already in focus (the selected option will be a different colour to the other options) under the "Create Site" button, click the "browse sites within" link from the list of categories, click the "members only" link click the link that will be displayed for "Christchurch City Chorus: Members only".