We rehearse every Wednesday evening from 7pm to 10 pm at Harmony Church, 220 Antigua Street.

To join our chorus you do not need to read music or have a trained singing voice. You only need to be able to sing in tune. Ongoing training is provided in vocal, breathing and visual performance skills.

If you are interested in joining the Chorus, you will be placed in one of four voice parts – tenor, lead, baritone or bass. The Chorus will provide you with music and learning CDs to take home. You will have six weeks to learn one song for your final audition. When you feel ready for your final audition you will sing the song along with an experienced quartet. They are there to support you.

During the six weeks you will have opportunities to practise the audition songs singing with the whole chorus or smaller groups. Along the way you will have plenty of help from other members of your section. The audition identifies your potential – wrong notes will not rule you out.

 To find out more about joining us contact Toni on 020 4106 0490 or email her:  Prospective Members Coordinator.