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Events for 2009


Christchurch Quartets Flying High  - 15 May

by Amelia Davis, after attending her first convention.

on-stage photos courtesy of Phoenix Photography Ltd.

       Perfect Timing                                 Audacity                                     Notoriety

That I was not fond of flying only became apparent to Sue Smith once we were hermetically sealed into the Auckland bound plane.  Flights had been diverted and cancelled to Auckland and Wellington, and we were warned of severe turbulence – but this was nothing to the lows and highs – the turbulence –  of the 2009 Region 35 Convention.Of course, I said I went to convention for thorough preparation for the 2010 convention in Wellington; ironically I went for the chorus competition, but was enthralled by the quartets.  How do four people on a very big stage make such a sound?  Inducted into the etiquette of ‘quartet support’ by Rose Brown (cheering, clapping, chanting), it felt more like a rugby game  than the polite audience I was expecting. Only 36 people from CCC went – 22 of them competing, two down in the judges’ pit and two involved with RMT matters - leaving ten avid supporters, making the noise generated by usually many more.  Each chapter did seem to be loyal to their quartets!

For my part I was eager to see how the seven quartets with CCC members would fare.  Exceedingly well, as it turned out.  First out was Key Change,  from Nelson Harmony (two dual members) who improved on their perfomance from last year and looked very fine in their black sparkly tops and pearls, followed by By Design, placing tenth (481) and going home with the Novice award. Ninth to sing for us and placing fifth was ACE (542), whose 'No No Norman' was an audience favourite. Notoriety  (518) received my award for best earrings, and was awarded eighth by the judges, and ninth place went to Push Play (497); their bee moment was one of my favourites.  Hot on their heels was Audacity (544) taking fourth place and whose white shirt/black bustier drew many appreciative comments.  Last of the Christchurch quartets and second to last contestant, was Perfect Timing (593) with their swan song – was there a dry eye in the place?  - they placed second.

How proud I was of them all, so very glad to be a member of CCC, and oh how it has whetted the appetite for competing next year!  So buckle up, it might be a bumpy ride, but the view from the top is worth it!

             Key Change                                 ACE                                      By Design                                      


Good Vibrations Concert - 20 March


Ngaio Marsh Theatre, Canterbury University

Hosted by Christchurch City Chorus and featuring 'A Cappella Pops' from the USA and    The Christchurch City Chorus performed their show-stopping Carnegie Hall package.

Civic Award for Virginia
Virginia Humphrey-Taylor Receives Top Civic Award

Virginia Humphrey-Taylor is the driving force and energy behind the Christchurch City Chorus. Her goal has always been to create a world class barbershop harmony chorus in Christchurch, one that can hold its head proud in any musical event of international acclaim and represent
Christchurch, women, the barb ershop art form, the joy of making musicand the gift of giving it.

In 2009, Bob Parker, the Mayor of Christchurch, presented Virginia with a Civic Award and Civic Medal for outstanding contribution and service to music in Christchurch. The ceremony was held at the Christchurch Town Hall where all the recipients were wined and dined and acknowledged with much pomp and ceremony.

The Town Crier read to the gathered crowd the following:
“Christchurch City’s vision states that we want Christchurch to become one of the world’s leading cities. We believe that Virginia Humphrey-Taylor has made a significant contribution to this vision in being a driving force
behind Christchurch’s own world-leading choral group.”

Virginia's son, Richard, made a special trip to Christchurch to be with his mother at the award ceremony.

                                                                                                                           March 2009

Carnegie Hall - February 16

Months of planning and action accomplishment had been gladly carried out by the Carnegie Trip Management Team. The Carnegie Show Team were totally focused on what Christchurch City Chorus could perform in New York and how we could best display New Zealand as well as love of our craft. The 25 minute package opened with the thrilling number “Celebration”: Celebrate the good times, celebrate New York – yes, we have added parody lyrics.  New Zealand favourites such as “Hine E Hine” and the beautiful “New Zealand Song” which was first performed at IES by Waikato Rivertones,  (thank you for making such a super choice of song for the region to pick up) melted the hearts of the audience, and we had a whirlwind energized, shotover jet style tour of NZ with “I Feel the earth Move” and “Ain't No Mountain High Enough”, plus we managed to squeeze in “My Honey's Loving Arms” for fun.

Seventy-four of us lit up the stage on February 16th in our green dresses. In the “NZ Song” we were NZ trees in amongst mountains, sand and sea - very beautiful.  

We shared this experience with six choruses from around the USA  (Ann Gooch’s and Darlene Roger’s choruses were there- yippee!) and all joined together in the second concert for a mass sing finale on stage in Carnegie when we all sing “New York ,New York”, “Tuxedo Junction” and “How We Sang Today.” 

Carnegie Hall’s performance was one of those never-to-be-forgotten life experiences that happens because we dream and then allow the movers and shakers turn the “dreams into reality”.