About the Christchurch City Chorus

Christchurch City Chorus

images: rehearsal on the risers, Virginia Humphrey-Taylor, Xpresso quartet
Our Chorus

Christchurch City Chorus is dedicated to advancing the barbershop art form and in so doing, enriching the lives of members and the community through friendship, education, performance and musical excellence.

Barbershop singing is four-part harmony a cappella music that is deliberately voiced and arranged with musical chords that lock and ring to produce overtones and a spine-chilling thrill for the singer and listener.  

Our Director

Since co-founding the chorus in 1985, Virginia Humphrey-Taylor has dedicated her life to furthering Christchurch City Chorus and barbershop singing.  She enjoys introducing the chorus as "the chorus that goes where no NZ chorus has ever been before".

In 1988 Virginia became the chorus’ Musical Director, a role she has held since. Under her direction, the Chorus has won first place twelve consecutive times in the national competitions. 

Our Quartets

In addition to chorus participation, chorus members voluntarily form quartets to pursue another avenue of their hobby of singing barbershop harmony. 

Participation in a quartet provides a unique opportunity for four singers who share similar interests with respect to their goals and development as a musical, performing unit. 

Quartetting is a great way to improve your vocal development, not to mention your self-confidence, and did you know you can even get paid?!